Frequently Asked Questions

Can Mod My Floor Tiles be used outdoors?

Our product line is recommended for outdoor applications. The understructure and profile of the MMF product line allow for the tile to expand and contract within itself. Our polypropylene is also UV stabilized for longevity.

Will ‘Mod My Floor™’ fade?

All our premium polypropylene products are 100% UV stabilized with color pigment mixed into our material prior to our 4-point injection molding process.

What is the best tile to use in a garage?

Every garage is unique. The best tile will be the tile style that will fit your individual needs. Factors that play into choosing the perfect tile style for your garage will be things such as climate, application size, preferred aesthetics and any auto mechanics that may be performed. Our most popular tile style is currently our polypropylene Ribtrax product line. Your personal flooring specialist is the best resource to use when making the final decision on functionality.

Who installs the floor, will I need a contractor?

‘Mod My Floor tiles are a simple, “Do It Yourself” project that anyone can install. Typically, a standard two car garage will take approximately 4 hours. However, if you do not want to install your Mod My Floor tiles yourself, we can refer an approved installer near you.  

What kind of tools do I need to install the floor?

Recommended tools would be a Sharpie pen, tape measure and a fine-toothed blade electrical saw for cutting Mod My Floor tiles in a wall to wall installation. For an additional cost you may also rent a Mod My Floor tile cutter.

Can you turn vehicle tires on your tiles?

Vehicles in motion roll over Mod My Floor with ease. Our recommendation is to not turn the tires fully while the vehicle is stationary, as this puts a lot of stress on our patented connection system.

Can you remove an individual tile from the middle of the floor?

Of course, you can remove an individual tile with ease using a flat head screw driver or paint can opener.

Are ‘Mod My Floor™’ tiles chemical resistant?

All of our tiles are resistant to oils, solvents, hydraulic fluids, skydrol and more. For a full list and our certification catalog, visit www.’Mod My Floor’.com.

Can I use a floor jack or jack stand on Mod My Floor Tiles?

Yes. You can definitely use both of these on our polypropylene tiles. Floor jack wheels roll with ease and our polypropylene tiles can handle 40,000 lbs roll over weight and 1,120 lbs per square inch. For certain jack stands, that have smaller feet, customers put something under the smaller feet to distribute the weight evenly and protect their floor from any possible dents, however, it is not necessary.

What are Mod My Floor tiles made of?

All our tiles or bases are made of 100% Virgin Polypropylene. Depending on the tile style, variations of our tiles can be made of 100% Virgin Polypropylene, HDPE, Vinyl, Rubber and Lexan.

Who partners with Mod My Floor?

We offer Swisstrax, “The World’s Finest Modular Flooring” and industry’s top choice and our own brand of high quality tiles. Over the years, we have worked with companies such as Barrett-Jackson, Ford, John Deere, Dodge, Petty’s Garage, GM, Chrysler, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Rockstar Garage, Monster Energy, SEMA, Lexus and MECUM Auction.

How do you clean the tiles?

There are many ways to go about cleaning your tiles. We make this as simple and easy as possible! Our closed profile tiles such as Diamondtrax and Vinyltrax, can be maintained like a typical floor, using a broom or mop to remove debris. For our Ribtrax product line, you can use something like a shop vac, yard blower, or pressure washer. For any of our tiles, you can easily remove a single tile and clean underneath if necessary. However, many of our customers find themselves going long periods of time with little to no maintenance or cleaning at all!

Are adhesives needed to install ‘Mod My Floor™’ floor tiles?

No, Mod My Floor tiles have a quick and easy patented interlocking system that has 6 connectors per side.

Do you need a rubber underlay beneath the tiles?

Rubber underlay is not necessary. Some customers will use rubber underlay for car pad installations.

Can the tiles be installed over cracks?

Mod My Floor tiles can be installed directly over concrete imperfections and cracks.

Can ‘Mod My Floor™’ be used outdoors?

Our product line is recommended for outdoor applications. The understructure and profile of the MMF product line allow for the tile to expand and contract within itself. Our polypropylene is also UV stabilized for longevity.

Can I install Mod My Floor over a floor drain?

Going over the floor drain is no problem, as long as the slope down to your drain is a gradual. Our tile recommendation for an application with a floor drain is our Ribtrax product line. With the underside of the tiles having a self-draining channeling system, any water spilled will go straight to the floor drain. Our Ribtrax product line will be able to utilize the floor drain, as well as leaving your application non-slip and mold free.

Can Mod My Floor tiles be installed over in-floor radiant heating?

Our recommendation would be using our Ribtrax product line to allow for the heat to escape through the floor to maximize efficiency. Keep in mind, our polypropylene tiles can handle temperatures of +248°F.

Can different Mod My Floor tile styles interlock with one another?

All our 15.75” x 15.75” tile styles can be interlocked with one another. Many customers create a fun and functional design by intermixing different tiles styles

Do you have an inside corner piece?

No, if an inside corner is needed then you will use a miter cut of the two edges that are meeting, similar to a picture frame.

When are Mod My Floor edges required?

Edges are required in transition areas, giving your application a completed and finished look. In garages, edges are most commonly used at the garage door opening. Edges are also used to complete the look of any island application or install that does not go wall to wall, such as car pads or event displays and booths.

Are Mod My Floor tiles mold and mildew resistant?

Yes! Our recommendation would be to use our Ribtrax tile style in an application seeing a high level of moisture. Our Ribtrax tiles have .125” perforations and a .25” self-draining channeling system built in to the underside of every tile. These two features will work together and act as a ventilation system preventing bacteria, mold or mildew.